How to write a first class essay

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An essay is an extended piece of paper that describes, clarifies, or analyzes a particular subject. There are many types of essays, and students need to understand the difference between them. Essay writing is a vital part of school either in high school, for undergraduate or graduate students. Essay writing is essential as it forms the basis of all education and students should learn to write effectively to enable them to express their abilities and interests.

Writing an excellent essay can be challenging if you lack good research and writing skills. The ability to hook and keep readers engaged throughout an essay is not an easy task and requires a writer to choose the right words. Writers should keep their readers in mind from the beginning. If you are having challenges in composing the perfect essay, seek professional and reliable help from writing service.

How do you write an excellent essay?

The following guidelines are essential in the essay process:

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Understanding the assignment

To complete your paper successfully, a student needs to gain a thorough understanding of the topic, requirements, and assignment instructions. Identify the purpose of your assignment, length specification, required format, and the method of submission. also ensure you understand the instructions provided to you by your professor or instructor.

Choose a Topic

When selecting your topic, make sure to choose a topic you have an interest in and one that is in line with your course objectives. Selecting a question that is interesting to you will make it easier and less challenging to find the relevant research sources. Make sure you choose a topic you understand and can explain, no matter how hard it is. It doesn’t make any sense if you choose an exciting issue, but you can’t explain it. Your topic should be clear, precise, relevant, and captivating

Conduct Initial Research

When researching for your paper, make sure there are enough materials available to support your topic with relevant facts, statistics, examples, and supporting evidence. Once you have all the research materials, narrow down the problem into a research statement. The importance of narrowing down a topic involves dealing with the amount of information you have in focused searches. However, if your problem is too narrow, broaden it so that you have enough information to write. After narrowing or broadening your topic, decide the direction you want the research of your paper to take. Decide on the most exciting and central aspects of the subject and the significance of your research.

 Edit and proofread

Editing improves the quality of your writing by enhancing the flow, design, clarity, and structure of the essay. On the other hand, proofreading involves correcting grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. The process of editing and proofreading is necessary before handing in your work since it improves its quality, readability, and increases its chances of success

How to properly format an essay

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Most types of essays follow a 5 paragraph format. It consists of an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The following are the general guidelines in writing an essay:

Compose a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is one of the essential parts of an essay. The main aim of writing a thesis statement is to establish the purpose and position of your essay. An excellent thesis statement should briefly summarize the argument of your essay in a sentence or two. It should be clear, concise, and coherent.

Create an Outline

An essay outline is where you structure and organize the main points into paragraphs so that it will be easier for you to write an essay. Creating an outline before writing your essay helps you to develop a logical, reasonable structure for your paper. Once you create an outline, you will have a clear direction and focus for your paper. Writing an outline may seem like a long process, but it simplifies and makes the actual writing easier. A good outline ensures you can present your ideas into meaningful and logical sentences. Once you have a concrete framework, you will be able to create and structure a well-developed, captivating, and engaging essay.

Write the Introduction

In essay writing, an introduction describes the scope of an article or essay and gives a summary of the content. A strong introduction is informative and engaging. Writing a strong introduction is not an easy task since it requires a combination of creativity and good writing skills. A strong introduction draws the attention of your readers, provides background information on your topic, and reveals your essay’s purpose. A strong introduction has the following characteristics:

  • A strong introduction should contain eye-catching phrases that will draw the attention of the readers.
  • Provide supporting points in a logical order that leads to the main ideas. The points and main ideas need to be supported by relevant facts and evidence.
  • Highlight your main ideas or thoughts and show the aim and relevance of writing your essay.
  • Provide background information or data that will enlighten and make your readers understand your subject and its significance.
  • Should be organized logically, clear, concise, and specific.

Compose Body Paragraphs

The purpose of the body in an essay is to develop the thesis or argument outlined in the introduction fully. Each paragraph in the body discusses one major point in the development of the main case. Readers will most likely be frustrated by large blocks of writing and end up skipping your article or paper. Lengthy paragraphs create confusion because there are no breaks between different ideas.

Knowing how to organize your ideas rationally through paragraphs will enhance the clarity and reliability of your document. Paragraphs provide structure and flow to your information or opinions. They allow you to transition from one idea to another. Starting a new paragraph signal the reader that you are moving onto the next idea. Lack of structuring your ideas into paragraphs makes it challenging to follow and understand what you are trying to convey.

Write the Conclusion

A conclusion is the last paragraph in your essay or research paper.  A conclusion is an essential part of writing a paper that summarizes the main content or ideas discussed in the article. A reasonable conclusion should be more than just a summary of the main points but can convince the readers of specific arguments and explain the importance of your paper. A reasonable conclusion is an essential part of your paper and can affect the overall quality of your writing.

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