How to write the main body of an essay

The purpose of the body in an essay is to develop the thesis or argument outlined in the introduction fully. Each paragraph in the body discusses one major point in the development of the main case. Readers will most likely be frustrated by large blocks of writing and end up skipping your article or essay. Lengthy paragraphs create confusion because there are no breaks between different ideas.

Knowing how to organize your ideas rationally through paragraphs will enhance the clarity and reliability of your document. Paragraphs provide structure and flow to your information or opinions. They allow you to transition from one idea to another. Starting a new paragraph signal the reader that you are moving onto the next idea. Lack of structuring your ideas into paragraphs makes it challenging to follow and understand what you are trying to convey.

Topic sentence

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Topic sentences should appear early in the paragraphs. It should clearly and concisely present the main point or idea you are making in the paragraph. A topic sentence must be general enough to show the concept or subject you wish to elaborate. A good topic sentence should be specific enough so that the readers can easily understand the paragraph’s main idea or argument.


A good essay needs strong evidence to support your ideas or arguments. Supporting your ideas or arguments with relevant facts, evidence, or examples improves your essay’s credibility and reliability. No matter how good your points are, readers will find it hard to believe them without the relevant supporting evidence.


An analysis is your chance to interpret and explain the evidence you have presented in your essay to the reader. The examination shows how the evidence relates to the other ideas in your article. The analysis also explains the importance of evidence to your overall argument. Your review should try to convince the reader why your conclusion is the most significant.


Since sentences and paragraphs that make up your essay contain different ideas and arguments, you need to present them articulately and logically. You can achieve this by using a transition. Transitions can be a word or phrase that shows a relationship between your sentences or paragraphs. Effective transitional writing provides greater cohesion in your article by alerting readers of the shift of information so that they can easily understand your ideas.

How to structure the body of your essay

  • First paragraph

The introductory sentences of this paragraph should combine with the transitional hook at the end of the introductory paragraph. The first part of the body should contain the most persuasive argument or the most significant example. The idea for this section should appear in the first or second sentence and relate directly to the thesis statement. The last sentence should include a transitional hook to connect into the second paragraph of the body.

  • Second paragraph

The second paragraph should contain the second most persuasive argument or the second most significant example. It should transition from the last sentence of the first paragraph of the body. The idea or thought for this section should appear in the first or second sentence and directly relate to the thesis statement. The last sentence should transition into the third paragraph of the body.

  • Third paragraph

in this section, you should present the weakest argument or weakest example. The first sentence should transition from the last sentence of the previous part. The discussion in this part should relate to the thesis statement. The final verdict should signal the reader that this is the final major part of the paper and should also transition into the concluding paragraph.

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